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West Central Missouri Solid Waste Management District – Region F 


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FY24 GRANT ROUND DUE MAY 30, 2024 by 3pm

Click here to download the FY24 Grant Guidance Document 

In this document, you will find the following information including a fillable application:

  • SECTION 1. Things to Know Before Completing a District Grant Application
  • SECTION 2. Instructions for filling out Grant Application Forms and Gathering Supporting  Documents
  • SECTION 3. Blank Application Forms
  • SECTION 4. Preparing and Submitting the Grant Application Package
  • SECTION 5. Responsibilities of Grant Recipients – Reporting / Other Terms and Conditions 

This guidance document may be viewed electronically, downloaded from this website, or contact us to receive a copy in the mail.

Exhibit Links

E-verify Guidelines
Business Entity Certification, Enrollment Documentation and Affidavit of Work Authorization
Project Evaluation Criteria 
Financial Assistance Agreement Example 
DNR General Terms and Conditions 



Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants include any municipality, county, public institution, not-for-profit organization, or other businesses or individuals (sole proprietorships) currently operating within the district boundaries.

Eligible Projects

The following project categories will be considered for funding:

  • Recycling, reuse and recovery processing equipment including, but not limited to, materials processing and manufacturing, hauling equipment or materials collection.
  • Feasibility or similar studies including, but not limited to, engineering or consulting costs and laboratory analysis for solid waste industrial enhancements and job creation, limited to 50% of study costs.
  • District public education and outreach including, but not limited to, the creation of citizen groups (i.e., advisory committees, student groups, internships and workshops).
  • Recreational equipment using recycling materials, limited to $30,000 per project.

  Please note:

The District Grant Diversion Worksheet is designed to help applicants develop a more realistic figure for predicted diversion and used by the Advisory Committee as criteria and scoring grant applications.
Be sure to initial the District Grant Completeness Checklist and enter the page number of the content.  This will help ensure you have included the necessary components for the application.

– Failure to submit required items will result in point deductions –
– An actual signature is needed on your submission –

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